Seahawks player considered retirement after huge injury blow

Rennton, Washington Jamal Adams, a safety for the Seattle Seahawks who will make his 2023 debut against the New York Giants on Monday night, admitted that he momentarily but seriously pondered quitting football after suffering a catastrophic leg injury in the first game of the previous season.

For the first time since rupturing his left quadriceps tendon, Adams spoke to reporters on Friday. He was open and reflective as he described sobbing in the locker room when he learned that his season was gone and how the experience left him in a “dark place.”

It was difficult, he remarked. “I considered retiring. I gave a number of things much thought. Will this be my final chapter? I had no idea. However, I gradually came to the realization that I would return after getting that MRI. I had no idea when or how, but I would work it out.

When asked why he was thinking about retiring, the 27-year-old Adams cited the numerous injuries he had over the previous three seasons and the psychological toll they had on him. In addition to his ruptured quad tendon, which runs from the quad muscle to the kneecap, Adams also sustained less serious injuries to his groin, elbow, and fingers. He also sustained two torn shoulder labrums.

He missed just two games in his first three seasons with the New York Jets, but since being traded to the Seahawks in a major deal in 2020, he has missed 28 of a possible 53 regular-season games.

“I was having all types of thoughts running through my mind, but at the time when I did tear my knee, that was definitely something I was considering,” said Adams, who has three seasons and $45 million left on the $70 million agreement he signed in 2021. “At the time, I was thinking about everything. I was in a dim environment. Not on anything suicidal, but there were undoubtedly many sad moments when I wanted to run from football games and people. I didn’t actually talk to many people at the time, and I didn’t answer my phone. You therefore experience real-life scenarios when playing football.

Adams’ original plan was to come back against the Giants in Week 4 of the season. He anticipated needing at least three weeks of practice during the regular season to prepare for games because he knew his rehabilitation would keep him out until well into the summer and prevent him from participating in the preseason.

He’ll play at MetLife Stadium for the first time since being traded in the contest on Monday night.

“Obviously it’s a special place for me,” Adams stated, “being back in New York and being back home.”

Adams was taken off the physically unable to perform list on August 24 but did not participate in practice until Week 2. He was labeled as a full participant by the Seahawks on Thursday and Friday.

At the beginning of the week, Adams’ coach, Pete Carroll, stated that there would be no limitations. Clint Hurtt, the defensive coordinator for the Seahawks, responded when asked if they would need to limit Adams’ snaps in his first game in almost a year.

When Adams reached for a fumbling Russell Wilson in the first half of the 2022 season opener, he planted his left foot.

It was awful just to stand up and see it wasn’t attached, said Adams. When I reached the sideline and noticed that my kneecap was to the right of my knee, I knew something was wrong and tried to get off as quickly as I could. They broke the news to me. It was difficult. For me, that was a low point.

Adams underwent surgery a week later and was required to wear a straight cast for more than 20 weeks. He then required help with simple things like getting out of bed, using the restroom, and taking a shower.

“I couldn’t do anything by myself,” he stated.

The Seahawks will reveal their strategy to bring Adams back to his 2020 form during the game on Monday night. With 9.5 sacks in 12 games that season, he established the defensive back single-season record. He played less than half of the games in 2022 after not recording a sack in 12 of them in 2021.

“I haven’t hit anybody in a long time,” he stated. I’ll tell you what, man, I’m looking forward to it. I won’t assume a play will be good. I won’t take anything for granted, not even a second. It will mean a lot to me just to be able to travel on an aircraft with my teammates. For me, it’s a significant deal just to be able to speak up here. It means a lot to me to be able to sit down in the chairs when Pete is up here for team meetings. It was a truly humiliating experience for me because I couldn’t sit in a chair for more than 20 weeks.

“My mentality is much sharper. Nobody could truly understand the specifics of what I went through until you’ve experienced it yourself. I don’t want anyone to go through what I did, yet I managed to survive. I just want to enjoy the journey. The upcoming season excites me. I’m eager to return.

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