Absolutely epic Hail Mary finish goes viral

Washington Township (NJ) won’t soon forget this ending! The New Jersey HS football team won an epic Hail Mary on Friday night.

A New Jersey high school football team has to be buzzing after winning on an incredible Hail Mary play Friday night. Washington Township celebrated a dramatic victory over ranked Winslow High School off an epic finish that went viral this weekend.

Quarterback Cole Aquino threw a bomb down the field for one final Hail Mary attempt. A group of Washington Township and Winslow players gathered in the end zone. But the defenders on Winslow committed the sin of not batting the ball down. Instead, it turned into a tip drill.

The ball hung up in the air for a second or so. DeShawn Long of Washington Township swooped in right in the nick of time. Long caught the pass and stretched out into the endzone for the game-winning touchdown.

Washington Commanders Unveil New Uniforms“W-O-W … Can’t script this,” NJ.com writer Kevin Minnick said.

The play truly was incredible and ended in epic fashion. Just for Long to be there in the moment to make the catch is unreal.

And on the other end, what a crushing way to lose. You have to hope that Winslow isn’t too dispirited from how that game ended.

Needless to say it’s one of the best plays of the high school football season. Last year, there was no shortage of them either. So we’ll see if this season brings anything more.

There was plenty to say after this amazing play too.

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