Carlos Corberán has indicated that he will remind his players of the influence a favorable derby outcome can have on a fans and the local community.

On Friday night, West Bromwich Albion will make the seven-mile journey from The Hawthorns to St. Andrew’s for the 136th meeting between the two West Midlands rivals.

The Baggies have a considerably stronger head-to-head record, with 60 wins to Birmingham’s 38, although the Blues have recently done better, winning the last three encounters.

Carlos says he has the same “passion” and “desire” to win every game he plays in, but admits matchups like Albion’s next one are especially “special” for fans.

“A local derby to me personally is no different than any other game because I respect my club every single time we are out on the football pitch,” the manager added.

“If I respected my club more during derby days, it would mean that I don’t respect my club as much as I should.”


“It’s great to play in a good atmosphere, and that’s exactly what we’re hoping for on Friday.”

“When I was younger and starting my coaching career, I remember my father, my girlfriend at the time, and three other people watching the games I was coaching, possibly including the players’ families.” There are no more than 20 persons viewing.

“When you’re there, you want to be a part of big games, and we’re going to play in a big game on Friday night.” A player’s dream is to play in big games, and a coach’s desire is to guide a team in a big game.


“The stadium may have 20,000 Birmingham fans, but my focus will be on the 2,000 West Bromwich Albion fans, and I want them to come Be proud of yourself. We stand in for them and many others who will be unable to attend the game.

“I enjoy football games and games with an emotional undercurrent. Every game has a lot of emotion in it for me, which is why I don’t notice much of a difference.

“These games are always special for our fans who live in the area and have Birmingham fans nearby.” These football traditions must be preserved. It’s critical to understand how significant these games are to our fans. It’s critical to know this before heading to the stadium.

“I like to remind the players of the importance of these games.” I’ve showed the players films of Albion fans throughout the years because I want them to understand what it’s like to represent West Bromwich Albion Football Club.

“Watching these videos is an emotional experience. Players can have a significant impact on the neighborhood and town. The club has both a present and a future. We are the present moment, and it is up to us to portray it as best we can.


“We have to be ambitious and have the desire to go and get the three points that are in front of us.”

The Baggies are coming off successive wins and clean sheets against Preston North End and Sheffield Wednesday, respectively.

Corberán’s team has played well in both matches, but the manager maintains that form is only a memory and has challenged his players to duplicate their recent performances in the second city this weekend.

“The last two results have been excellent, as have the two performances in general.”

“Friday’s game will be a new challenge and test for us.” The only thing on my mind right now is what we need to do to beat Birmingham City.


“Form is simply what has occurred in the past.” A positive result one week does not ensure a positive result the following week. That is something I have mentioned to my guys.

“If you understand why you got a positive result, you can try to replicate that performance and get another positive result.”

“Every game is unique. What matters is how you handle your resources. We came into a recent game having not lost at home against a Huddersfield club that had not won. They defeated us.


“The same thing happened last Saturday when we won our first away game against a Preston team that had not lost at home.”


“Every game is different and we have to give our best each time we are on the pitch.”

Opponents Birmingham City beat Huddersfield 4-1 at home on Tuesday night, their first win in seven attempts in all competitions.

Corberán feels the Blues have “talented young players” and expects a difficult challenge.


“I expect Birmingham to play at the same level they did against Huddersfield in midweek.”

“They added a lot of key players over the summer and improved the squad.” I expect Birmingham to be a little different than previous opponents, who have been direct teams with a lot of aerial balls. I expect the ball to be on the floor a lot more this time.

“They have a lot of talented young players.” We must play a very excellent game against them.”




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