Official: racist abuse at Mestalla player to rectify court statement

Real Madrid’s game against Valencia last season made headlines all over Europe but for all the wrong reasons.

During the match, Real Madrid’s Vinicius Junior became the subject of racial insults from the Valencia fans, with the forward firm that the insults hurled at him were widespread throughout Mestalla.

Subsequently, Vinicius was asked to provide a statement in court sometime this summer, but it had to be postponed twice, once because the player was enjoying his vacation.

Vinicius’ statement in court

However, the Brazilian has now given a statement in court today, where he doubled down on his previous accusations, reports EFE (h/t MARCA).

inicius states that the entirety of Mestalla, thereby Valencia fans, had subjected him to racial insults during the game.

The Real Madrid forward also confirmed his intention to file a legal complaint, as he is convinced the insults thrown at him were exclusively because of racial reasons.

Three Valencia fans, aged between 18-21, have already been penalised. But the lawyer defending these three quizzed Vinicius on the gestures he made during the game.

Vinicius defended himself stating that those gestures are natural from a footballer, especially one who was subjected to racial slurs in a professional football match.Valencia ask Vinicius to rectify his statement

Shortly after his statement to the court, Valencia were quick to defend its fanbase.

The Spanish giants have come up with an official statement, asking Vinicius Junior to rectify his statement, where he blames all the Valencia fans for throwing racial insults.

“Given the information published regarding the alleged statement given in court by the footballer Vinícius Jr. stating that the entire Mestalla stadium hurled racist insults at him in the match between Valencia CF and Real Madrid CF last season, the Club want you to express your surprise, rejection and indignation,” the statement read.

“The Club is fully aware of the seriousness of this matter. Racism has no place in football or in society, but it cannot be fought with fallacies or unfounded lies,” it added.

Vinicius Junior, though, remains steadfast in his claims and it remains to be seen how things transpire in the coming weeks

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